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Open MRI

Advanced Imaging Center's Open MRI features the Hitachi AIRIS Open MRI, the most advanced open MRI system.   It was the first Open MRI in the Antelope Valley and still the only high-quality one.   With our Open MRI you can enjoy the benefits of MRI without the fear of confinement.

This state-of-the-art open MRI has a unique, "open on all 4 sides" design which is non-claustrophobic.   It has a weight limit of 450 pounds.  There are no loud knocking noises like closed-in magnets.   Our MRI suite is custom designed and patient friendly.   The MRI technologists are specially trained to perform your exam professionally while ensuring your maximum comfort.

MRI, magnetic resonance imaging, is a method used by physicians to visualize internal organs of the human body and obtain diagnostic information.   These images are produced without the use of radiation.   MRI is a noninvasive procedure and there are no known side or after effects.   The procedure is painless.   You won't see or feel anything during the exam.   A faint knocking sound will be heard which is the imaging process in operation.

MRI utilizes the physical properties of magnetic fields, radio waves, and computers to generate images of the body in any plane.   The technique is an established, accurate diagnostic tool.   It can quickly and noninvasively provide accurate diagnosis for your physician, which in some situations will reduce the need for exploratory surgery or other diagnostic procedures which may have greater risk.

The benefits of magnetic resonance imaging are vast and new applications are continually being developed through ongoing research.   MRI imaging is used for virtually all parts of the body.   It is the primary imaging modality for evaluation of diseases of the brain and spine.   It is effective in depicting abnormalities of the eye, paranasal sinuses, throat, salivary glands, and the thyroid.

MRI is the method of choice for imaging of the musculoskeletal system and is widely used for evaluation of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, and ankle.   It can also accurately depict abnormalities within the bone marrow.

It has many applications in the cardiovascular system.   The display of blood vessels known as MR angiography is an accurate, noninvasive means of obtaining information about arteries of the head, neck, and body.

It is also effective in demonstrating congenital cardiac abnormalities.   MRI is also important in evaluation of the organs of the abdomen and pelvis including the liver, pancreas, kidneys, ovaries, uterus, and prostate.


Facts about AIC's Hitachi AIRIS OPEN MRI

1.     The first high-quality OPEN MRI in the Antelope Valley (in use since January 1998)

2.     Open on all 4 sides, thus a true OPEN MRI in all sense of the word (also called open-sided or open-air, as can be seen on the right and top left).

3.     Relaxing décor in the MRI suite with sky-like ceiling with clouds and tropical wall design (see pictures).

4.     The first MRI-accredited site in the Antelope Valley ... approved by the American College of Radiology's MRI Accreditation Committee.


The FIRST High-Quality truly
OPEN MRI (open on all sides) in the valley
Typical Closed Tunnel MRI

OPEN MRI: Open-sided (Open-Air) MRI system that offers the best of both worlds: Open on all 4 sides for maximum comfort with highest-quality of its kind.

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Facts about services at AIC

1.     The only community-based, private-practice, physician-operated imaging facility in the Antelope Valley, just like any other private practice medical office.   Not belonging to any hospital or outside imaging network.   This means more personal and caring service.

2.     AIC was the first MRI-accredited site in the Antelope Valley ... approved by the American College of Radiology's MRI Accreditation Committee.

3.     Dr. Ray Hashemi is the only radiologist in the area with fellowship training in ALL aspects of MRI, including neuro and musculoskeletal MRI.


Why is AIC the PIONEER in advanced medical imaging in the Antelope Valley?

1.     AIC was the first to introduce a high-quality OPEN MRI (open-air or open-sided MRI) to the Antelope Valley (January 1998).

2.     AIC was the first to introduce Short-bore OPEN High-Field (1.5 Tesla) MRI to the Antelope Valley (January 1999).

3.    AIC was the first to introduce multi-slice CT (MSCT) to the Antelope Valley (August 1999); upgraded to a 16-slice CT in 2003.

4.     AIC was the first to introduce revolutionary 3D Ultrasound to the Antelope Valley (April 1999); upgraded to a GE 4D Ultrasound in 2004.

5.     AIC was the first to introduce a PET scanner to the Antelope Valley (July 1999).

6.     AIC was the first to achieve MRI Accreditation in the Antelope Valley (July 2000).

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